The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep. 

Two of my favourite...

Two of my absolute favourite people feature in this post, my mum Kate (pictured on the left circa 1975- what a dream babe!) and my best friend Rosie. After a weekend at home i feel very loved up and lucky to know two such amazingly kind, supportive and inspiring people.
I see more of myself in my mum each day, and really could not love her more if i tried!

The below embroidery is for Rosie's 26th birthday next month. I hope she likes it. She's been my closest friend for over a decade and makes me laugh more than anyone. She knows my most embarrassing stories, and is the first person i need to tell when something terrible or amazing happens <3 font="">

Icy Weekend In

I never need an excuse to shut the curtain and door and hide away for a weekend.
Sometimes i think i should try and be more sociable but the older i get the more comfortable i am with being alone.
It's not the same as being lonely, though some people don't quite understand that.

Anyway, I've been busy. It's freezing but I've got my hot water bottle stuffed up my jumper and I've eaten two egg custards and my desk is covered in threads and bits of paper and i could not be happier. 
Perfectly chaotic peace.

Here's what I've been making...

Also, I've recently been featured in Cross Stitcher Magazine- which is exciting!

Back to work i go!


This year has been brilliant so far,

way better start than the last.

Thanks 2013 for making me feel like things are going to be alright.
Exciting developments have meant that i havent been sewing half as much as i'd like- hopefully will be back
on it when March arrives.

Here are a few things i've been working on (very slowly!).

Next weekend will be spent in Glasgow with my best friend- drinking fizz, dancing in a hotel room, and most importantly catching up after what feels like years. Friends are the best.

Happy new year! x

siamese saturday

I'm off to Derby next month to hang with lovely folk and attend Swop n Shop.
They were kind enough to write this about me recently.
Here's what i have been making lately...

Ooh also my lovely friend Briony ( put my new website together so that i can have my threads and bits in one place. Thanks Bri <3


I love a rainy Sunday. Its a good excuse to stay in and nest.
Things i've been doing lately include feeling emotionally unstable, planning some exciting family holidays, spending a lot on train rides and eating a lot of cheese and pickle sandwiches.
I havent done much craft fair wise of late as works been super busy BUT i shall be having a stall in Derby for Swop n Shop in June.

You can buy these at my Etsy shop.

New Stuffs

FREE POSTAGE until Wednesday with the coupon code RESTLESS13

Reetsweet Sheffield 10th March 2012

I had a lovely day at the Reetsweet fair. Met some lovely people, sold lots of stuff and got loads of ideas off other stallholders too :)
Hopefully managed to pick up a few commissions also...


Next Saturday (10th) is the next Reetsweet craft fair taking place at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield, and i am lucky enough to have a little stall there.
In preparation for this i have been making lots of new stuff and filling our tiny flat with hazards like open scissors down the sofa and needles stuck in cushions.
If anyone's around or fancies a tootle up/down the fair will be running between 11 and 5pm.
There's loads of other sellers too, and you can find out more about them here-
Until then! x

lovely sunday of making and recipe planning and definitely not leaving the house

Ouija Board Embroidery

i seem to be drawn to doing things that ruin my eyesight.

You can buy the above item here

since we last spoke...

Things have started to look up a bit. I told some people some things i needed to tell them, i got a new permanent job and i planned a summer holiday with my best friends in the world. YES.


Today is Sunday and it is hella freezing. As such i intend to stay in as much as possible and make a lot of pots of tea.

I have just finished my application to take part in the Chorlton Arts Festival which i am both excited and nervous about. Wish me luck!

In addition to this, and as part of 2012's 'get stuff done and stop complaining about stupid things that dont matter' manifesto i am also actively looking for cafes and other lovely spaces in the local area that might display my work. That would be great.
If anyone knows anywhere in the Manchester area that might be able to help me out- please get in touch!

Hayley x


currently enjoying a gin and tonic whilst home alone. flats tidy. head feels clear.