After the rain has passed
And you have found a reason to wake up each day
We will clean our oldest shoes, and we will slam shut our windows on the world.

We will do these things
And it will feel as though we are making peace in some small way
Working out the dirt in circles,
Imagining all of the places we will go to.

(Together we push, and we pull)

Can you see what’s caught there in the bushes?
Can’t you see what’s dying right here in our backyard?

One autumn you taped a bird to a branch, and then watched as it struggled and clawed and finally broke free
You told me that everything needs to be challenged, that no-one should live so quietly.
You kept the loose feathers and dug them down into the garden.
You buried the fight and the battle
You buried the summer down into the dirt.

A dog keeps on barking
A stranger’s face haunts you at night
The rain begins again.

You are tugging at my hair lightly, or perhaps I am tugging at yours
The rain begins again,
And it will never stop raining.

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