Remembering September

When we arrived we took the Bart to the hostel- i remembered everything from the time before.

In SF we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, took a SIX hour walk along the coast to the park. we went to Haight Street and saw a groundhog. We ate at Wholefoods and got leered at by $5 man.

When we headed for Santa Cruz i was ready to go. We walked to Fishermans Wharf before catching two buses and a train. I ate a giant peach and drank a tonne of coffee.

The hostel at Santa Cruz was beautiful. We shared with a German guy- Sebastian, and then a girl from Portland who worked with disadvantaged teens. She was really inspiring and sweet.
We walked along the boardwalk, posed with guns and took photos in the amusement arcades. A fortune telling machine told me i need to learn to keep a secret (fair point).

We found some amazing shops and tried on medieval dresses in Moonzoom. We hung out in Hoffmans drinking coffee all day and ate burgers with tonnes of gherkins and mustard. For breakfast i had eggs with oranges.

Next we headed for Santa Barbara and the toilets with no doors. We lay on the beach and i read a book about a man who kidnapped a pregnant woman so he could photograph her (and her unborn child)at the point of death and so escape his own eventual death. He got caught.
Two men tried to chat us up in the lamest way and we were not impressed. We got sunburn real bad and missed home a bit.

When we travelled to L.A we watched the sea go by through the window and i ate a stale bagel with cream cheese.
Someone tried to kill us but Lara foiled their plan. We walked along Hollywood Blvd and felt bummed out about it all. We saw a two headed tortoise and saw pictures of car crash victims and the Manson murders. We had massive ice creams and i cut myself a fringe.
We flew to Austin. I remembered the last time i was going to Texas when i cried in the toilets and felt like everything was falling apart and i had nothing to go back to. I don't think i felt so bad this time. I always miss people in airports.
Mark met us with a big smile and a hug and we had the best time- drinking dirty lemonades, dirty dancing in gay bars and lounging around at Barton Springs.
When it was time to come home i felt kind of mixed up about it. I still feel a bit mixed up.

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