Two of my favourite...

Two of my absolute favourite people feature in this post, my mum Kate (pictured on the left circa 1975- what a dream babe!) and my best friend Rosie. After a weekend at home i feel very loved up and lucky to know two such amazingly kind, supportive and inspiring people.
I see more of myself in my mum each day, and really could not love her more if i tried!

The below embroidery is for Rosie's 26th birthday next month. I hope she likes it. She's been my closest friend for over a decade and makes me laugh more than anyone. She knows my most embarrassing stories, and is the first person i need to tell when something terrible or amazing happens <3 font="">

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that picture of Kate.
She was a fantastic person.
She made people around her feel special.
You can't ask for any more than that!
Brian Polovina